Ten key reasons why you should train with us!


1.In the whole of Englandn this is the ONLY Art, Craft and Design teacher training course that focuses purely on ONE subject. This means your training is bespoke to the subject, and ensures that you are trained not only as an OUTSTANDING teacher, but also as an OUTSTANDING ART, CRAFT AND DESIGN TEACHER. As a single-subject School Direct we can focus on developing your subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogy. The vast majority of your academic training is geared to teaching in Art, Craft and Design and this sets us aside from ALL other providers.

2. We are the largest provider of secondary Art, Craft and Design training in the North East of England.

3. Our trainees are in high demand across the region and our outcomes are exceptionally high. Every trainee on the course in 2019/ 2020 (which previously was the Northumbria PGCE) secured a post by Easter of their training year.

4. All trainees exit the course with QTS and a PGCE. Our PGCE is offered through Northumbria University, a renowned ITT provider, and provides the opportunity to gain sixty Masters credits.

5. We work closely with a range of museums and galleries, including Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and our course includes five sessions of training with Baltic staff and artists.

6. Trainees will benefit from all the support and leisure services that Northumbria has to offer and may also use the Baltic Library and Archives.

7. We have strong links with Artist networks across the North East, including Neaten.

8. All secondary trainees have the opportunity to teach in a second subject area, which adds to their employability.

9. Our training is completely school-centred. We currently work with eighteen secondary schools right across the North East area and many of these schools support the delivery of either Art, Craft and Design specific sessions or wider whole school sessions.

10. We have exceptionally strong support mechanisms. All trainees have a subject mentor and a professional mentor or class teacher in school plus a link tutor from the core Schools Direct team. This means working closely with a large cohort of trainees in art., craft and design means you have a ready made support group in your subject and are never working in isolation.